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  This month marks the one year mark since my first release on mobile.

I started this journey alone with the intent on creating great PC games however with the lack of skills specifically in art I decided to start exploring the mobile game market.

Working in the mobile game market allowed me to get many more players then I could have ever hoped for while being able to learn and release small games that still felt “finished”

In this report I will be showing the results of total downloads / sales over the past year. (excluding ad revenue but I will tell you it was under $100).

Despite not earning enough to pay for the accounted needed to publish for the next year I have renewed all of them anyways.

We will start with my most unexpected result….  WINDOWS PHONE 8.


Windows phone provided a much better then expected result and we entered windows phone rather late in the game.

Totaling almost 5k total downloads WP8 gave us the most publicity.

The market place was great and made newly published apps front and center giving an opportunity to all for their app to be seen.

I really appreciate windows phone and the one on one support that I was able to get thanks to a local contact.

When I first started I was having issues with my developer phone getting linked to my account. I was able to meet up a a Starbucks with one of their employees who attempted to resolve the issue however when we discovered it was an error on Microsofts end he gave me his developer phone to use until I could register it to my account. This single action made the difference between me giving up on WP8 and me treating it just like the other two major markets.

Next up on our list is the App Store from Apple.


Over the course of one year we had 4.81k downloads and earned a grand total of $1.40.

My apps were launched a total of 107,949 times if analytics are to be trusted.

This market place had much more competition however even with me being a nobody I still felt that Apple gave me the support I needed. While the support was less one on one as Microsoft provided it felt nice that within 24 hours I could have any questions regarding submission rules answered and any submission issues resolved.

Third on my list is the Android market.


The Android market taught me one thing. When you enter the largest market that has no barrier to enter you will be lost in the crowd.

Coming in at a grand total of 24,296 app launches according to analytics.

With the only people finding the apps being the ones who were directly linked to them I feel Android has a long way to go in the sorting of their marketplace.

To make it big in the Play Store you must have an advertising budget or very good PR. I felt as if none of last years apps were worth throwing much money at however this year will be a new story.

And last but not least Itch.io


We did not release many games on Itch.io and the ones we did were just PC versions of the mobile games.

Itch.io is providing a great service to the indie market and I hope to see better results with them next year.

What is the plan?

I still plan on creating simple mobile games as releasing a small game does feel good.

Taking all that I have learned from the mobile market I will now be moving into the PC market as well.

Currently I am working on

A multiplayer crafting survival steam punk game.(Active development release late 2015)

A cyberpunk platformer(In design)

A RPG based on the aftermath of the platformer(In design)

A topdown puzzle game based on the platformer(In design)

It is looking to be a busy year!

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  1. Jono February 12, 2015 4:29 pm 

    As a dev that’s about to anti up the cash to publish, this was super interesting. Thanks for posting some figures, best of luck in the future.

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