Android softlaunch for Asteroid Speedway

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Asteroid Speedway is a new iOS and Android game made in Game Maker Studio 1.4

This game was made as a brief distraction from our main project and acted as a chance to get to know how to work with some of our new Freelance team members.

It also allowed us to explore several new monetization methods. We are experimenting with the popular Reward ad type system where users get bonuses in exchange for viewing a short optional advertisement . In the case of this game users are offered the chance to respawn while maintaining their current score. 

We have decided that this will display more often the closer you are to beating your own high score however will not be offered at all once you pass your own highscore.

We feel this gives the player more reason to accept the offer while not bombarding them with it every single game.   

Additionally we decided to add a store to our game. This is a first for us. We are hoping adding this store provides additional goals to the player and can help increase retention and replay. If you follow us we will keep you updated on our findings 

One issue we ran across was the new 64 bit Android devices not running our compiled game

We found the solution to this was to add a filter into the build.gradle file

ndk {
abiFilters “armeabi”, “armeabi-v7a”, “x86”, “mips”

Adding the code above into the defaultconfig along with creating a file called “” and adding the following line


Took care of that issue and we were able to pass all of googles 14 test devices. 


With all this finished the game is now available on android as a test launch while we await the finalization of the iPhone release.


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