Building an ENDER 2 step by step. With text and photos.

With the lack of written instructions for the Creality Ender 2 I have decided to see if I can fill the gap between what comes in the box and the multiple youtube videos.

Open the box and remove all the parts setting them to the side. Watch for the multiple little packets wedged into the packing

Locate the bottom base and the slide board

Slide the slideboard onto the bottom base

Loosely mount the Y modular  to the back of the bottom base

Loosely mount the Y passive block fro the front of the bottom base

Take one of the BELTS and insert it through the bottom base from the Y module to the Y passive block.

loop around the idler and the stepper motor and attach to the slide board.

Adjust the stepper motor mount to ensure that the belt does not drag on the extruded bar.

Pull the front passive block idler to tension the belt while tightening.

Take the Y axis limit switch and mount to the y axis bar near the rear.

loosely mount the right angle bracket near the vertical attachment point.

Insert two bolts up into the base and through the mounting bar.

Thread the two bolts into the vertical bar and slightly tighten before fully tightening both bolts on the right angle bracket.

Mount the Z axis module and tighten.

Mount the Z limit switch to the side of the vertical bar.  Also Connect the wire that says “Z” to this switch prior to mounting.

Insert the threaded rod into the couple on the Z axis stepper Be sure to back out BOTH of the setscrew.   Insert the rod so it sits as far down as possible and tighten all set screws.


Mount the remaining BAR to the X module   note the cutout on the bar  in the photo will fit over the head of the bolt on the x module.

Slide the hot end( part attached to base by wire) onto the X BAR

Mount the  Y passive block idler.

Loop the belt around the stepper motor, the bar, the idler and attach both ends to the hot head carriage. 

Tension the belt by pulling on the idler before tightening 

Mount the X axis limit switch to the x axis module

Remove the tube from pressfit fitting and thread the fitting into the extruder on the x axis module

Reattach the tube when done

Slide the x axis module onto the vertical bar    carefully rotate the screw to thread the screw into the brass fitting. 

IF your unit has a slight bend in the metal mount for the brass fitting causing excess resistance like mine did you may either straighten the metal or loose the two bolts shown below until the correct angel is found.

Prepare the bed by inserting the bolts into each hole and then place a spring on each bolt.

Insert the bolts into the slide board and place a ‘thumb nut’ on each one and tighten until the springs are under some slight compression.

assemble the spool holder and mount to the top of the machine

Attach the wires to their corresponding motors and switches. Note E goes to the extruder

Wire the transformer block as shown and then close and secure

This sticker is optional and we chose to not use it and will be using a sheet of glass instead.

Lower the head until you are apx 1 card width away from the bed directly next to one of the bolts. raise or lower your z limit switch so it will trigger at this position.

The fastest way to do the initial leveling is to move the head so it is directly next to each bolt hole and raise or lower the bed using the thumb nut DIRECTLY UNDER the head. Do this for all three.