Dark Hope Greenlight

Dark Hope: A quest to discover the truth is now on Greenlight.

March 9, 2017- Coral Spring, Fl- Broken Bunny Studios is proud to announce that their game “Dark Hope” has been placed on Steam Greenlight for public review.

You wake up in a small room with a massive headache in a strange facility seemingly devoid of life. You find on a table next to you a photo of a child and a medical chart with a bleak outlook. Who is this child? Who are you? Where are you and why? What was that strange noise?

Inspired by classic puzzle adventure games like Myst , Dark Hope is a puzzle adventure game set in a steampunk world where electricity started and ended its existence with the light bulb. The vast majority of the puzzle are environmental mechanical puzzles and discovering clues about the nature of this strange facility. Dark Hope will tell you the story of your own past and the story of the crimes that have occurred by discovering small story elements that you must piece together while playing.

“We wanted to make a game that challenged people mentally, one where you carry the story and the puzzles with you all day until you get home to see if you found the solution. If you have ever experienced one of those moments where you solve a puzzle because it finally makes sense and not because you just lucked out that is the best feeling in the world. ”- Chris lead developer.
While the game is still in early development A small alpha demo is being made available to press and publishers for review. This alpha does not contain any story elements to avoid publishing spoilers and is intended to show off the puzzles to be found within the game.

Dark Hope has found its way onto Greenlight and being the niche game that it is needs the support of the community in order to pass. Every vote Dark Hope receives is one vote closer to being able to release onto the largest gaming market known to man.

Press kit http://darkhopethegame.com/presskit/sheet.php?p=dark_hope

Greenlight link http://Darkhopethegame.com
Greenlight app link http://DarkHopeTheGame.com/openinsteam.php
Screenshots and videos can be found inside the presskit.

Alpha- Available upon request.
Phone interviews available upon request.

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