Early Alpha test release

Please note this game WILL NOT BE FUN at this stage.

This release is purely to test runability on multiple machines


DSE DEMO download here. ( .RAR)


I was hesitant to release this yet as it is simply an early alpha build where AI is only 60 percent finished and GUI is in the first step (non operational and ugly) Mostly Place holder graphics atm

I am posting this in hopes of seeing feed back regarding difficulty running the game/ Stability.
Also would like to know if the planned GUI method is self explanatory. ( current just an empty weapon menu)
We have included a text file in the link so the user can teleport and view the whole map. The game will reset upon your death.

Currently you can kill AI’s and AI’s will have battles/explore/trade/mine asteroids. We are working on the AI prior to working on the players gameplay so in this build you are mostly an observer as the AI will beat you down fast.

Windows only atm

you start with full on aggro so if you teleport before the aggro degrades you will be instantly killed by ‘player 2’.. While you only have a single set of phasers

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