Nightly build stress test

Hello. It is currently 2:30 am and I am preparing for our nightly stress test. I thought nothing of it but some people expressed interest.

At apx 2 am every night we start to wrap up what ever project we are in the middle of even if not finished.
As soon as we get everything ‘stable’ we compile the game and launch it. We run a few quick test to make sure everything is acting as it should (ai’s fighting/ gathering/ trading) and we go to sleep. After the game has been running for at least six hours we return and check the error log, check CPU usage and check memory usage.

Due to the nature of the game we always expect some increase in memory usage but wish to see nothing to crazy. An example of this happened several days ago, When we left the game was using 60 MB of ram when we returned we were hovering at apx 1.5 GB.

The nightly test allows us to quickly find troubles as changes are fresh in our minds. The idea is that by doing long run nightly test will reduce the debug effort needed later on. When several small bugs pile on top of each other the task of solving them becomes much more difficult.

I hope this information was useful for those who asked.

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