Piracy and android devices a royal pain

Let me start this off by saying I am aware that piracy of a copy is not the same as a lost sale.


However the numbers provided are disturbing.
This shows the new users of our very niche paid application. While each new user on iOS is directly linked to a sale the downloads via android equate to a grand total of three sales.  Yes three.


On the next update I feel like I should enable some of the play services anti pirate measures however I again feel like this would be a waste of time.

Now moving on to one of the other major issues with iOS vs android.


Advertising using admob I have a conversion rate of 0.01 percent however using iOS search ads I am seeing a conversion of apx 20 percent  with a CPA of apx 40 cents.

I am not the first to report incidents like this and mine is far tamer then most however it is painful to see people actively using an app that involved hundreds of hours of research in the field over the course of several years.


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